Christians are people too.

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

Christians, believe it or not are people too
We have feelings, desires, hurts, and needs.
Don’t judge us; it’s not your Job leave that to God.
He is not partial; he knows we are just mere flesh and blood 

Mans opinion of us don’t count at all, what God says 
About me and you: we are the righteousness of his son
The head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the apple 
Of his eye, 

We are to be salt and light in this dark and sinful world. 
An example for those lost, and without hope to see.
That God through his mercies can forgive, deliver, and save,
“Twas the price he paid once and for all at Calvary. 

We have no licence however to sin, but endeavour to 
Live holy and blameless once Christ lives within.
We’re not exempt from life struggles at all,
But his strength will be made available whenever we fall.