A Prayer To Achieve.

Written by: Gerard Keogh Jr.

Lord, teach me to achieve.
Teach me to love what I do.
Teach me to do what I love.
Teach me to truly achieve,
but by your standards,
not the worlds',
so that I might achieve 
that which is worthwhile
and lasting,
not fleeting
nor empty.
when I am finally called
to give an accounting
of what I have achieved,
may what I have achieved
speak well of me,
so that I might achieve
that which is truly lasting-
eternal life.

This is dedicated to the following people who have 
treated me with kindness and respect:

Carol Brown( The true den mother of this site.); Brian Strand ( I like your thinking and your 
contests!); Michael Jordan: ( Be well and safe, sir.);Reuben Ortellao:( Holy Imagination, 
Brandlee Augustus;Laura McKenzie; Deborah Guzzi: ( The Wise woman of the mystical arts.);
Catie Lindsay;Sharon Weimer; Donna Golden;Karen O'Leary ( Kind and thoughtful.);Trudy 
Diane Ryder:(That name is poetry.);Carrie Richards ( Enthusiastic is your middle 
name.);James Peranteau: ( Thank you.);Sara Kendrick;Sean Kelly ( A fellow Irishman!); Hai 
Au Chu;
Derrick Burton ( Thank you, too.); Frances King;Krista Kurth;Frank Herrerra; Carolyn 
Devonshire:( ever the polite lady.)
Thank you. This one is for YOU!