Written by: stacey trolan

Its too late your words are not enough,
to justify your actions, so call your bluff.
I knew you where the type, You said you had changed,
i was obviously not enough for you when you felt the need to exchange.
Don't give me that same old under the influence excuse,
I've had all i can take of your selfish abuse.
Foolishly i have sat here waiting for you, night after night,
Well not anymore sunshine! cos i've finally seen the light.
To think you'd get away with it, you really have a cheek,
And that after all that i'd take you back, you must think i'm weak.
just get your things together now and get out of my life,
How did i ever be so stupid to think that one day i'd become your wife.
Its time for both of us to part now and face up to reality.
things would never have came to this if it wasn't for your infidelity.