Written by: brandy megens

they call themselves martyrs and blow themselves up

killing families and young children destroying everything around them

they dress up in camoflauge and strap on a bulletproof vest

go in to gyms and schools and start shooting without remorse

they cut brake lines and set fires and kill the innocent

leaving a path of destruction with blood stained tears to reminisce

hostle takeovers and kidnapping cutting babies out the womb

burning down churches and raping little boys and girls

fearing the eyes of the man who loves them

targeting husbands and wives on vacation

creeping into the unknown in a world that we call home

facing uncertainty in the moment of belief

unnknown answers to questions that we never wanna ask

embaressed to come forth with the evidence that we have

unsure of our religion because it contridicts everything we know

saying goodbye to yesturday making room for whats new

unable to understand or comprehend the logic behind man's mind

knowing that if we understood it would drive us insane

bleeding from the roots of evil that were implanted in our souls

no way out no where to run the pain is in instilled in us all the same

theres no exception to the rule just is what it is

every man for his own even if it means killing his own kids