Written by: brandy megens

certaintly we don't think of the reprocussions before we fall in love 

hardly ever do we consider that soon we will become a has been

love of a lifetime never does that really last

with two broken hearts we distracts one another into believing we were

through the trials and tribulations  pain and sadness we become immune to the way of love

we overcome many obstacles and triumph over fears 

in that moment our hearts are broken our whole world ends

like a burning to the flesh it scars us in and out

yet through time we pick up the pieces and move on

flipping that switch from lovers to strangers immediatly the romance ends

we go back and forth to causing hurt and tonight someone cry's

remembering the days when love filled the air and completed our whole being

today it's gone and sadness took over leaving us singing that old love song

our eyes remain blind and the truth we hide because in denial is where we feel safe

we all say we give up one time time or another and swear we don't want any other

before we can blink we get hit with the arrow and the circle begins again...