I Can't Take it Any Longer.

Written by: shirin neshat

Back to the same wall of hates,
I am tried, I am so tired,
Of this pain,
I wish I can pell this skin off,
And throw it back at your face,
I hate liars,
I hate all my friends to death,
I hate the way they are,
Rude, liar, back stabbers anything that you say,

They hurt me deep in my neck,
I feel like choking and throw up right on your face,
I don't know how to say how much,
I want to get this out of my chest, 
I feel disgusted by your faith,
I never felt so lonely,
In my life as I feel now,
All my friends walked away,
They lie straight up in my face,
All they say is lie, lie, and more lie
I don't care about your life,
And what have you done in the past,
If you don't want to say,
No point to lie just keep away,
You know the truth will come on its way,
You can hide not for to long,

I can't take it any more,
I can't trust anybody any more,
I feel frustrated and in the deepest cut in my chest,
I hate this world with passion,
I just can't take this no more,
All I ever ask for is a true friend,
Someone who doesn't lie, 
And be my best friend no matter what,
Someone who is respectful and not mean,
Someone who I can trust with all my heart,
Someone who I can count on,

I feel so depressed,
I feel like no one understands,
I feel like everybody is a liar,
I wish I had a friend who I can have forever and ever,
The ones who stay not run,
I wish I could stop crying,
My heart is blowed with pain, 
I hate this, I hate this so much,
I wish someone can understand me,
What I am going throw.