Today I Went A'Walking

Written by: Krista Kurth

Today I went a’walking,
creeping and a’peeping
my blue eyed zooming lenses
along the great green canal
to see what natural wonders I could see.

Bees were a’buzzing,
hopping and a’bopping
their black and yellow heads 
into little lavender flowerettes
to see what syrupy nectar they could drink.

Dragon flies were a’flitting,
zigging and a’zagging,
their slender sapphire bodies
over the silent silver water
to see what skittering bugs they could grab. 

Turtles were a’tanning,
dazing and a’lazing
their brown round mossy shells
on top of grey granite rocks 
to see what sunny warmth they could gather.

Herons were a’hunting,
walking and a’stalking
their spindly legs and grey blue beaks
through the calm clear water
to see what slippery silversides they could catch. 

Today, I went a’walking
Thumping and a’jumping 
my joyous heart and happy head
along the white and gravely path  
to see what splendor I could take home inside of me. 

Note: I don't know what form of poetry this is. I was just playing with structure and words. I 
would love it if anyone has an idea of what form this might be.  I wrote it after taking a walk 
along the C&O canal where I took pictures with my macro zoom lens. I had a great time 
finding and taking pictures of all the wonderful critters mentioned in the poem and wish I 
could share the photos I took too! My young adult son said it could be a childrens' book.