Brain Storm

Written by: Davin Math

It was a fine day as I gaze to the sky
Such wind, hits me right in the eye
As I waltz right into a spin in of life
Since nothing is new under the sun
I might as well give it a good fight
Would I? would I?
I remember like it was yesterday
That old news of funk
He walks in as if the newly ones
Were just a hit for fun, year by year
The looks, the posture, the pose
As I spent timely time with such men
O, times spent, what times of tears of cold
That is when...brain storm had intervene from
Anger, anguish, anthology of agony from a stone
Brain storm had stormed in some plead for vengence
Would I? would I?
I remember...
That old news of funk
He walks the walks of a collar shirt and tie and,
With pants that is as black as an African Bus Boycott of the Whites
Back in 1955...
The jacket that stands ready and firm to speak
I shall ignore his words of bleak
Until his heart melts down in tears, longing for a pardon
I stand ready to forgive, and year by year, wouldn't he?
Trying to quit the thought life of such dazzling strife I,
I remember how hard for it to have been remitted
My mind, my soul, my conscience, my spirit
That old news of funk
I'm praying the prayer I once made
Asking my heavenly Father to calm the storm
Brain storm...