Forever in Memory

Written by: John Streeter

   Remember their faces, their music, and most joyishily their impact on the crowds
and thongs of popparazzi that love them and even the one's that didn't, from San
Francisco to New Mexico. Icon's yes, in a world of their own, "we are not along".
Micheal Jackson, Tupac Shukur, Elvis Prestley, the Beattle's, Muhammed Ali, Pres.
John F. Kennedy and Rev. Martin L. King. Something about each one of them and it
took on a miraculous transformation that force many to believe in a change. Icon-yes,
music is the gateway to the inner spirit, of which a majestic quality emerge when one
can sell out concerts and their records produce's extranomical sales and folks from all
walks of life gets goosebumps whenever ther is chance to see them!!..
   Micheal Jackson grew up right before our eye's, dance his way into our hearts, be
came such an Icon that, "Forever in Mememory", will become etched in history and all
of the contravercy that surrounded his life is a history to be learn and a talented human
being is thought of now as a part of the rising sun, moonwalking his way to become an
   Remember their faces, their ultimate accodote in creating listeners and the younger
generation, a role module. Someone we will tell our grandchildren about over break-
fast at Hardy restaurant. Listening to Tupac, "lets have a Gangsta Party". The Beattle's
I love you yeah, yeah and now the tune, "Gone too soon", shall bring tears and the
Jackson 5 and anyone awakening this morning to the smile of the rising Sun. Remem-
ber their music and in your mind, keep the light on. "Forever in Memory", we want for-
get the "Icon's"...