Written by: Yoni Dvorkis

I could never communicate to you my pain;           it was always hit or miss.
Maybe you sensed where my burden lay,            but far more likely,
You felt this pain at some point in your past.............or future,
and are only recalling your own experience,             your own burden.

Yet it was so obvious I was hurting;             that much you could tell.
So a gentle smile was all you offered,                no words, no hidden meanings.      
Just love and compassion, now and forever..............hurt is universal.
I never wanted you to understand                 what I never understood.

What if time collapsed this paradox?               Our story has been written
What if love saw through these walls?               The characters have been set.

Two opposing undercurrents flow just beneath the surface:
 Love unites, fear divides.

Pain revives the deepest of my heart's confessions;
 It was from your love I chose to hide.