Eyes of a Angel

Written by: Louis Borgo


Feathers of dust & charms of wedeling windows, 
Unheard sound of wisdom, 
Street with line of mellowing willows, 

The cries of indefinitely breaths of sympathy tales, 
Of modern days hero’s, 
That fought the sight of meditation of midnight capabilities, 
Structure of liberation's, 
Of an anatomy figure, 

The sights are so bright of lights,
Loom within time, 
Swiss true lies, 
That ridiculous riddle of due time,
That tangle like new moons of lunettes moods, 
Of rules of tides! ....

Words fully digestion, 
Containing that of words of contracting, 
Pasting that of satisfaction,
Thoughts of wound that every lasting, 
That will be the world I never fall from....

Could this be Heaven witness?
Within her eyes of satisfaction,
Eyes of an angel,

Riddle me this, 
Riddle me that, 
The view still hasn't change...

Is this true love or a dash of forbidden passion?
Open the gate for me!!!!

Is this love or something like it?
Eyes of an angel…