Written by: Linda Etling

I believe in land called America And the faith that she still holds I believe in the people who walk this land Though to Satan our souls we’ve sold I believe we still hold the strength to stand And show our King we know He has carried us through the darkest storm And with Him we all shall always go I believe in HOPE when we see there’s none For we KNOW OUR God still Reigns I believe that many will stand for Him And His Blood flows through our Veins I believe there’s Faith still strong in our land Just waiting to take its stand! I believe our God is bigger than all Of satan’s demons who rule our land! OH Christian its time our silence must end We are His and HE is our King So let your faith in our God Show bright And may the bells of UNITY ring We are ONE Nation Under our God Indivisible with justice for all We are the Continent where Freedom Rings For its people who’s allegiance stands tall! We are the voters who choose its leaders Of a Nation now in captivity stands We are the Children of our Precious Savior and Lord Who will follow and know his plan So Christians its time we have been given the call For our Nation is under attack We must stand and vote and voice our faith So God will give Liberty back……… Let us join now as a Nation in one accord For which our Fathers fought and died To loose now what they gave their life for Would be a sin we can not abide…… We the people of this Great Land are the voice of men who lead But they don’t speak of the Nations Faith And for this now we bleed Buts is a flesh wound that can be healed Oh yes, one that will leave a scare But it will be a reminder of our weakest days When our children see it a far. Let them look back on History and read Of days when satan tried To win our Nation over to him But we fought in FAITH and Pride!