The color of Love

Written by: John Streeter

One must realize the green tree's and the green grass. Also the blue-less skie's
and the many sombrandt thing's that surprise us of our future, but remind us also
of our past. Now and then there's a rainbow streaking before our eye's. My God, its
so beautiful, as we see the view of it, for noone can dispute its image and none can
doubt its purpose all around and beyond the panoramic delight. The view of the rain-
bow and the reason we see it in it's amazing arraingement of color, represent the
practicallity of God's creation of black and white.
    The color of love is all around us, the color was found beneath the path of the
ground. God created his masterpiece to show that love shall forever be appreciated
by all the up and the down. What's impossible for man is possible-through the court-
ship of the creator of love  and you shall have efferrescent love for life to enjoy all the 
admiration of people of different races.