"Can you see the road" pt.4 (Getting Understanding)

Written by: John Streeter

Mr.Mrs. (reader)....If I could just have a few minutes of your time. And can I get you to
close your eye's....now remember to remeinence, of the radiance of the power within
your thoughts. "What will a perfect world be like", Really. If in the morning my job would
always be there, no pollution in the air, bickering (never heard of it) no homiless, every-
day will-be the authencity for sucess.
"The Republican's will get along with the Demorcrats". "Wouldn't that be a mess". A new
era has invade our land, our roads and on the T.V.'s and all the hatred of principalitie's
and complication of idiotcrce's of a long-long season of thinking it may never happen, we
overcame, and we survive, now a man who is black, sit's in the Whitehouse. "Thanks all
red-blooded Americans, for being so bold. Can you see the road".
    In a perfect world you see that may never-happen. This new era that has invaded, the
insight to accomplish comes boldily when eye's of prosperity clearily rectify the concept
of some people getting too happy about, just living the life, for all have felt the impact
of greed and doing other's so cold. "Can You se the Road". This-this road, in this poem,
its a pathway within a path(?) for childrens hiding from neglect to reject and for familie's
struggling for paycheck to paycheck. Still it doesn't conquer your soul. "Can you see the
road". O'How we've all been blindsided by unforseen misfortune that not only bring about
the direllic for pain in the troublesome land. Remember Mr. & Mrs. redblooded, in all your
getting's. "Get Understanding".