Written by: sekitto kisakye

The day after my father's death,
It was a fool's day of April 1st
When the sun and the moon
Strived to block each other,
And the whole world trembled with fear.

I ran hurriedly to my mother's house
Where I hoped to hide with my fiancee
Who broke my heart,
And whom I loved as my self
But I found a snake on the bench.

I was shocked and ran crazy again
To my bosom friend who had already boozed.
I questioned her about what had happened,
She just smiled and finally laughed at me.
Oh, no! Ask your nose,
It's near to you.

I became puzzled,
And naughty I answered her
Till I begun to dose.
But as soon as I went to sleep,
I heard the dogs burking,
And a low sound of someone knocking.

I woke up quickly and I opened the door
But only to my surplise,
She was my fond mom
Who was  seriously dancing naked,
And running around the house as if she was mad!

I brutally scolded her
And she immediately stopped it,
Then she cried once and collapsed.
Oh! Whenever i think of her,
I remember that day!