My Dedication to Tate

Written by: Patricia Opel Jaye

From the time we met I will never forget how nice and, down to earth you was
your smile lit up the sun and, touched my very soul I always thought of you
saying many good things about you hoping one day see you again

In your passing I never how smart you were I never knew how many dreams
you accomplished how many hurdles and, mountains you crossed I never knew
you shared your life with so many people how you always showed positivity  

endurance, class, Tate you have that spark that will always be with you
on this day of celebration of your life I know you have passed the test
to take flight to the kingdom of god as your resting place I will cry more less

I know you was one of the very best we will miss you I will miss you
god has blessed you us with such a gift to have known a man like this

We love you always and forever more