Keep Ridin' To Be Free

Written by: Glen Enloe

They’re fencin’ off the free range,
Sayin’ that’s the way things will be;
I reckon it rubs us strange;
You just keep ridin’ to be free.

They tell us “do this or that,”
They show us how it should be done;
But I’d just soon eat my hat
And ride off in the settin’ sun.

They now rope us in corrals;
Seems I recall we once were free;
But we’re puttin’ up more howls
For as far as a man can see.

Beware the gentle tyrant;
He enslaves with those sugar cubes;
We just have to say we can’t
Be dumb cowboys or circus rubes.

They’re sellin’ off the nation
And it’s us that will pay the fee;
Stock up truth’s ammunition;
You just keep ridin’ to be free.