Eye For An Eye (Duet With Kristy De La Keur)

Written by: Aleera Canino

I'm in the house all alone.
 (She is no where near alone in this house.)
I hear the ringing of the phone.
 (And believe me its not just a mere mouse.)

I answer, but oddly there is no one there.
 (Not even a dial tone, will she hear on the line.)
I think this is more than the average scare.
 (When this is over, not even her body, they'll find.)

I hang up and turn around, eyes open wide.
 (My decaying corpse I shall let her see.)
I realize suddenly I'm trapped inside.
 (Tell whomever you want, but no one will believe.)

Even though I'm locked inside, I still try to flee.
 (I slam the door, there is no escape here!)
Oh why, oh why won't this ghost let me free?
 (Oh how I love the smell of her fear!)

Oh Lord I wish I could take back that night.
 (She should never have been drinking.)
When I ran her down in drunken delight.
 (What was wrong with her, what was she thinking?)

I got out of the car to see what I had hit.
 (I lay on the road a crumpled heap.)
In my stupor I pick her up so I can take her to a fresh dug pit.
 (She throws me carelessly in the back of her Jeep.)

I now see for the wrong I've done I MUST make amend.
 (Breathing hard with sweat beading on her forehead.)
I grab my chest as my life suddenly comes to an end.
 (Eye for an eye we're even now that she too, is dead.)

For the Duo's Game, Thanks John Loving III for tapping us!!! Sandra Hudson & Sami
Al-Khahili, You both are next!