Why Only The Heart May Feel

Written by: Gael Attal

It strikes me queer,
Why for generations we humans

Have loved with our hearts.

And I ponder why
	Such a revolting organ

Would be paired with such a tremendous task!

Surely it is not the most vital,
	Our mind has already occupied that position.

Its shape is of no suggestive air.
And there are certainly prettier organs…

I say! What prevents us from loving with our kidneys?
What of our lungs?
Surely they gasp for the privilege of feeling.

The stomach is hungry, nay famished for love and 


Our heart alone would be blessed with emotion.
	At least it is definite that the heart may feel selfishness.

For an organ that feels,
It does not seem generous.

I assure you the mind would be more liberal
	When it comes to sharing.

Come to think of it,
The heart is (at most) the most
Organ in the human body.

Perfect for the task.
Enough said.