Too much to offer

Written by: Mirela Kapaj

I gave you a piece of me,
This doesn’t make you,
Necessarily a cannibal
I missed that piece all of a sudden,
I tried to take it back,
But you had it already in your stomach,
And dumb happiness reflected on your face.
I felt suddenly sad,
I’d lost a piece of me,
But weirdly I felt heaviness,
Instead of lawfully released.
You surprised me with a smile,
And a piece of you offered in gift,
I had no place for it,
I pained deep inside my bones,
Cried out this was a mistake,
Ran away,
Crippled, cold and all alone,
No magic trio in this story,
Right place, right person, right time
Just a single revelation instead, 
I offered a wrong piece of myself.