A Tough Life (really happened to me)

Written by: Faire Lucas

At a very young age
we don't know what's going on
we all cry for our mother's voice
and we sleep to her lullaby

What a very strange thing
to wake up to another man's fight
What a scary thing
to be alone from mother tonight

You were never there when i screamed your name
mom don't you feel the shame
grandma raised me up
but i wanted you to come

Waiting at the skating rink
you told my teacher you'd be here for me
but i've been waiting thirty minutes
and my classmates are all staring

Now dad is calling and your fighting for us
Brother is crying
and it's ripping us apart
i hate that this world 
how could it be so cruel
as to make me and brother to go through that

What a difference it makes
to not have your mother
to cry at night smothered by your pillow
and to raise your own brother

I Forgive You Mom.......