Written by: Adell Foster

When we met, we were but mere strangers 
Meeting on foreign soil 
Nevertheless, the acquaintance was so pleasantly met 
That our hearts did not recoil 

Both had been in relationships that went awry 
I was still apprehensive and 
My being was a little gun shy 
A little afraid to give this kind of love, yet another try… 

However, you understood my apprehensions 
Therefore, we formed a special bond of friendship 
As friends we flirted with all of the possibilities 
Of our being so much more 

Oh, my dear when you whispered, have no fear 
It was that beautiful night that we first kissed; 
My heart did quiver, as my soul began to shiver 
Within goose-bumps filled with pure ecstasy … 

I started to back away but my heart said stay 
I knew no need to anticipate, 
As I looked into the dark mirrors of your soul 
Your eyes softly gave your secret away 
I knew a love was forming more precious than gold 

We have started something special 
Some may say it is superficial 
But, we care not what lies that others may think, 
For our hearts have begun to drink 
The sweet nectar’s of love 
That seems to have been sent ~ 
Straight from the Heavens above… 

Yes, it feels so right as you hold me tight… 
Even when you wink as you say goodnight ~ 
We do not have to think, 
Because we know that 
Love has found its way home 
To you and I... 
Baby ~ 
This is it!