Sauropod Survivor Saviors (Co-written with James Fraser)

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

Shh! Scientists can't find us, only natives know
Sauropods survived when dinosaurs went extinct
Cameroon people have spotted us many times
Please help us hide!  Our species' future's on the brink! 
          Email received, confirmed sightings in Cameroon
          Scientists meet, to discuss an expedition 
          To discover such creatures are living today
          We must investigate, fact or speculation
Damn!  The word has gone out that we may be alive
Guess leaving footprints three-feet wide was not too wise
Researchers are arriving with sonar in boats
Thirty-foot forms in rivers are hard to disguise
          We are now underway, West Africa we head
          In search of this wonder will these Sauropods show
          To capture them on film to learn how they survived
          Will they reveal themselves, in their dense jungle flow
The Jurassic Period?  They were way off base
They think that was the demise of most dinosaurs
Scientists haven't a clue, but 'tween me and you
My Loch Ness cousin's laughing; he's a plesiosaur
          Africa reached, camp set up in the jungle
          It's certainly different to Drumnadrochit
          Footprints, something big up ahead is closing in
          By Jove a Sauropod, i think we've found it
Oh, Dear!  I just stepped out of the river to eat
I'm birthing a child and needed to munch some leaves
But I think we've been spotted; this was our last hope
My daughter's our species' last female, I believe
          A glimpse through the trees sighting confirmed, Wow! check this
          Mother and calf, with not a care in their jungle
          How very fortunate we are to witness this scene
          We have to leave them alone; this we can't bungle

We now send the co-author tag to John Loving and James Peranteau!  Have at it, boys!!