The Preacher

Written by: Lord Addo-Yobo

He walks through the deserts of time,
Raising his voice for life's prime,
Sharing and converting,his words do rhyme,
As he selflessly serves without seeking a dime,
He hopes to help pay sin's fine,
Leaving our heart's bell to chime,

He works with an eye single to God's glory,
Travailing and putting to rest life's worry,
For stiff necked persons his heart feels sorry,
As he hopes to share salvation's story,
He returns to his maker bitting death's cherry,
As he rests peacefully in eternity's lorry,

His word still echoes in my mind,
Assuring I'm not left behind,
The feeling of pride I must decline,
For my maker's hand I must find,
My heart and that of my maker he seemed to bind,
Breaking its coldness,atonement's contract was signed,

On my knees he has left me thinking,
Pondering on life as time keeps ticking,
Right from wrong I'm left picking,
As righteousness's light shines,upon decisions flicking,
Resolved I shall stay, as temptations keep pricking,
For I seek to return by my savior's biding,