Better than I deserve

Written by: Abraham Lincoln

I was asked by my neighbor, how are you today?
Better than I deserve in reply I say. Through God’s grace
And mercies, I live, move, and have my being.
To be able to see, taste, smell, walk, talk, and breath, 
All the other benefits in my life daily are seen. 

He woke me up this morning, and started me on my way
Food on my table, shoes on my feet to face a brand new day,
The day even though complicated, he guides and protect me still
Am not exempt from troubles and trials, what befalls me is in his will.

I take nothing for granted, small blessings he bestow on me
Take a visit to homes, and hospitals and surely you will see,
The sick, lame, and dying, some have no hope within,
Am privileged and blessed to know, Christ paid, and forgave
All my sins.