Pray for me

Written by: Bev Edwards - Walther

My head is clouded, I’m afraid
With clamoring thoughts of despair
Where once there was a mind that
Could reason and compare
Now all I have is confusion
To mildly put it clear
But that is not what I am made of
This I know from earlier years

My mind was clear and focused
My thoughts came calmly across
Not blairing rampid as they are 
Taking no heed for what they cause
I desperately want my mind back
As it once so nicely was
So I can quit hurting those 
I love and care for so much

It isn’t that I do not try
My mouth just takes the lead
It seems as though it takes my mind
Quite a while to get up to speed
By then the damage is done
And I feel so very bad
For again I have made another 
feel so very sad

Please pray for me my friends
That God would touch my mind
He made me who I am
And this injury is trying to steal
What I once so happily had