Do You Know?

Written by: Karla Null

Do you know how much I care
My world is empty without your there

Time has passed, yet I ache,
now I know, I made a mistake

A whole new world led me astray
Bonds of friendship were thrown away

I thought that I was so grown
What it cost, I couldn't have known

From a life as an innocent child,
I rode the fast lane, free and wild

Souless people, traveling in one direction,
became the object of my affection

Hurt, betrayed, and tossed aside,
I lost myself, purpose, and pride

Comfort I sought from friendship gone cold,
lost, no arms were waiting to hold

Learning a lesson, sometimes takes long
What ever hurts, makes you strong

Starting over, is never too late
Letting go of old hurt and hate

On, myself I can always depend,
memories of our friendship won't end