Sleepless Nights

Written by: Cody Turner

O Death do come to me
For I can no longer live in fear
Like a woman in love waiting
I am left shedding my tears

For if Death do come to me
Do not come at my face
like a buzzard on a branch, it waits
waiting for death to take my place

O Death do come to me
during a nice peaceful sleep
for I have everlong feared
being at the realm of my makers feet

What shall he do,
What shall he say

Will he turn his head and then send me away
or will he grin with a smile 
then say "Welcome home my child"
This question is too much to take

O death do come to me
for in heaven, I have a place
My maker and I face to face
asking forgiveness for all my mistakes

O death do come to me
I cannot keep my head in place
whenever I sleep and dream
Dream of this beautiful place

O death do come to me
for this I cannot wait
To be with him in the kingdom of heaven
watching my makers make