How could i?

Written by: Linh Huynh

How could i have done what i have to you?
how could i have hurt you the way i did?
how dare i make you go through my pain too,
how dare i run and went and hid,
i cant take it anymore, i dont want you feeling my pain,
its mine and mine to take, dont tell me what you told me again,
im sick of being a bitch and hurting you,
im sick of making you worry and stay up too,
I dont want you have to deal with me anymore,
forget me, leave me, i implore,
do as i say and dont think of me,
cause... im telling you now, we just cant be,
i dont understand you sometimes, but thats okay,
i cant always have it my way,
This is my final goodbye,
but ill always love you, i cant lie.