Lover's race

Written by: Linh Huynh

As the thousand before me have said
Why oh why these tears have I shed?
These feelings have been questioned over and over again,
We keep losing our heart to these boys (not even men)

the heartless the broken, 
those who cannot rise from the fallen,
I speak on behalf of thee,
these feelings aren’t only felt by me;

The hatred, the love, the lies,
The painful memory of goodbye,

The belief, the faith, the fight,
The promise that things would be alright,

The promise, your word of forever,
Those words “girl, ill hurt you, never”

That first moment, that first kiss,
That very first feeling of bliss,
I ask do you remember any of this?

Then The silent goodbye of the sullen tears 
Instead of a fairytale, youve brought on my greatest fears
Those times I tried to help you out,
When I tried to understand you and what this was all about,
I asked you and In hope I’d see what you felt I looked into your eyes,
Frightened, I saw only loneliness and darkness that you tried to disguise,
“Oh God” I remembered thinking, “If only I could take all your pain away”
Even though now, you’ve broken me, I still do feel strongly this way...