the "Last" things (The "haunting") continues....

Written by: Sandra Hudson

They flee.

Those immortals, back to damnation
Until the full moon, aids again re-creation

The hordes of dog-mongrels, are pacing the earth
It happens with every eclipse, their re-birth

Beginning with claws and proceeding to fang
Expanding their faces, and noses, like chain

Their muscles twist heavy, their hair un-described
Locked in their essence, is terror denied

Look!, the coolness of fog, fingers down
Settling on dead things, all over the ground

Then piercing howls, cut the air like pure glass,
If you’re alone, then your neck hair, stands fast,

And shadows you’ll see, wherever you look,
If fear is the last thing, you thought, you’d forsook,

If something is near you, then you’d better run!
Cause the bite of the mongrel, has only begun!

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