Retreat at Trinity

Written by: Bill Doggett

What a wonderful day this will be
as we travel together to Trinity.
On this day, as the darkness of night
gives way to a brilliant new days light.
A lady enters my life in a very special way,
like crystal, she reflects the radiance of the day.
I become a moon in orbit around her
and her name is Mary.  She is like no other,
such a simple name for the sun.
A simple name but a profound one.
In a room full of old friends, I drift quietly apart,
unaware of her affect, as she touches my heart.
She is the sun for this one wonderful day.
Its, as if, God in all his love, would say,
"Bill, your life is too dull, too dreary, a bore.
I'm going to send a lovely flower to your door.
She brightens lonely days with her vibrance.
This is a special flower.  A single glance,
will turn night to day or a  gloomy day bright,
lift your spirit high, or, just make you feel right."
I said, "Lord, does this flower have a name?"  And
He said, "Yes!  Her name is friend."