The Tale of Old Man Withers Gold part two

Written by: Cody Turner

The oldest stepped forth first
Across into the misty cold
The oldest was strong and brave
Very smart and very bold

As the two other boys followed
Into The forest of many lost souls
The boys couldn’t help but think
About what they would do with all of that gold

Walking real fast and completely UN aware
Something stood watching
With a dark and creepy stare
This thing that was watching
Was definitely not human
But the boys didn’t notice
So they just kept on cruisin

The three boys kept walking
Looking at nature and what not
But the oldest had a scary feeling
That something was watching from the tree top

As he gazed and looked around
No evidence was to be found
So this feeling he put aside
And continued his long stride

The oldest leading the pack
The other two didn't look back
As a creature behind them
Was steadily watching there back