Never Trust A Shepherdess

Written by: Lee Leon

Never trust a shepherdess
Although she may look pretty
Beneath her lacy frilly dress
A heart beats without pity.

There’s furtive tales of Miss Bo Peep
Told behind closed doors
And just what happened to her sheep
Upon those silent moors

They never did return, you see
Though many tried to find them
They disappeared in mystery
Complete with tails behind them.

Dark doings lurk in hill and dale
Untold in nursery rhymes
‘Tis best that we should draw a veil
Across these rural crimes.

Don’t think of cruelty in the grass
Don’t think of woolly plight
Don’t think those thoughts that will not pass
Or let you sleep at night

So do not think of Miss Bo Peep
Or of that crook she wields
Or of those dark deeds buried deep
In England’s pleasant fields.

Unknowing we can only guess
The horrors that went down
Beware the Wicked Shepherdess
Who stalks Old London Town.