Gitano the miner

Written by: Bill Doggett

Now one of Guy's children croaked.
A mucous filled his little lung,
that griped his chest until he choked, 
from phlegm he could not expunge.
It choked the breath right out of him.
Well, guinea Guy had no dough,
he took him to a holy joe,
a slick white collored mick named Jim.

From the tower of his pulpit,
he said the father was unfit
and that his son went straight to hell
because he was an infidel.
But, if he had a little grass,
he'd bless his little guinea ass,
to save the child from hades door,
and this he said he would assure.

This Guy, he was a little slow
and English was his second tongue.
So when the thought began to glow,
its then that Gut became unstrung.
No one has seen the slick mick, Jim
since the guinea Guy met with him.
Then on that day, Guy dug a grave
to ten his little guinea waif.