Empty Baby

Written by: Gareth Heslop

What sort of life
Is taken away
Without a word
Without a say

From a life unknown
Unsewn to her side
Just left to slide
Into an unknown tomb

Ripped from the womb
That lies empty
Surrounded by plenty
Of long, happy lives

So we strive
To burn our hurt, our rage
Turn over another page
And move on from the grief

Spilt out from that brief
Elapse of time
But I don’t feel fine,
Or know how to remember

How to dismember
This event from my mind
And I yearn to find
A memory to create

And abate
These feelings that I’ve left you alone
On your own
With no love surrounding you

No future to renew
No reality born
Just torn
From our empty lives

I’m so sorry (I will never forget you)