Mothers day poem

Written by: Cody Turner

Mother Mother
Sweet Mother of mine
My love for you
Shall last til the end of time
the warmth of your shoulder
and the care that you give
is something I will hold 
near and dear to me
for as long as I live
although this mothers day
is more different than most
behind all your smiles
I know you still miss Leebo
but things will get better
as time goes by
You know I am here for you
Especially if you need to cry,
Cry your eye's out
as most mothers would do
On this special Mothers day,
I'll carry the love of two
But please dont be sad
and please don't frown
because rest assured 
and YOU know
Leebo is looking down
Laughing and smiling 
with that big beautiful grin
thinking about all the great times
you and me had with him,
but this is the end of my poem
I'll make it short and sweet,
 Happy Mothers day momma
From your Son's
Cody and Lee

this poem was dedicated to my mother on Mothers day and My brother who passed away this 
past december