Do you still think of me?

Written by: Alicia Griego

Sometimes I sit and wonder, if you still think of me. 
I wonder if you miss me, or even if you still love me. 
Do you think about when we were together?
Such a happy couple we two were. 
Do you miss the love we had for each other?
Do you think of how things were? 
Do you miss the times we spent together?
Always smiling and laughing  so happy. 
Or do you put it all behind your mind, 
And leave the memories in the past where they should be?
Do you think of all the times we argued-
How sometimes we could not get along?
Do you remember how stubborn we both were?
And how neither of us would admit we were both wrong?
Do you think of all the times you hurt me? 
And the times you made me cry?
Do you feel bad for all you've done? 
And wish you never said goob-bye?
Do you look at all my pictures? 
And the smiles on my face?
Do you miss holding me in your arms? 
And feeling my warm embrace?
Do you think about the times we laughed?
Over things that weren't even funny?
Do you wish we were still together? 
And have things be the way they use to be?
Do you ever think about how we kissed?
And how we loved looking in each others eyes?
Do you ever get so sad inside,
You just want to break down and cry?
Do you missed all the times we walked,
And held each others hand?
Do you think about all our memories?
Do they ever make you sad?
Do you ever think of taking me back?
And being together again and happy?
Do  you ever wonder where I am?
Do you ever think if me?