A rare black rose

Written by: sindisiwe Dube

A rare black rose has fallen
It can never again be risen
It grew amongst rocks and was never watered
Through it all it never whithered
It withstood all the harsh weather and storms
It was pleasing to look at but still had thorns
Animals passed by and trampled it at night
Still in the morning it rose like the sun
At times the wind shook it but it asked for a sign
A sign to show it will blossom for years to come
It faced a lot of deceit  
Now it has bowed its head in defeat
Its petals have been blown in all directions
It stood all alone and no one was there to protect it
Animals do not stop to mourn at its fate
Butterflies have moved on to find another lively and fresh
If only l was there to nurture and build a fence around it
If only l opened my arms wide and protected it
l cry for the rare black rose
Let its pollen be dispersed by the wind
Let it rest from this weary world

 ...................This goes out to all the prostitutes who have lost their lives trying to put food 
on the table for their families. Judged harshly by the world treated carelessly and overlooked