Story of a dog

Written by: sindisiwe Dube

A dog came into my home one day
l did not chase him like a dog
with open arms l welcomed him an embrace from the heart l gave
l took my mother's cologne and bathed him in the sweetest fragrance
his body l covered with my father's special gown
Special plates were set aside for him to dine
and my fatten calf lost its life to feed him
"feel at home" l said "but do not bark lest you remind everyone you were once a dog"
"Use the loo if you want to help yourself
And dont fight with my cats no matter how much they provoke you"
Days went by and the dog almost became human
l swear l heard him speak
He was treated like my mother's child
He had his own bed too
Then one day the dog recognised a fimiliar place
A place where he had hid his bone years agone
And so he dug it out
l tried to stop him reminding him "you are now human remember"
he would not hear any of it and barked so loud the neighbours came out
Then he bit my hand and showed no remorse
Now l know once a dog always a dog