Faceless Friend

Written by: sindisiwe Dube

You are faceless in my eyes
l open them wide but alas
l hear your voice, l feel your touch
But your expression l fail to see
You walk with me you hold my hand
You even make me laugh
Still my heart is not fulfilled
l cannot figure out who you are
At times you are as perfect as an angel
At times your grip is too harsh and my hands are bruised
Show your face to me
Let me be the one who judges it
If you are scared l might reject you
leave it up to me to decide.
My heart is not settled when l have half of what you are
l lie awake at night wondering who the hell you are
A dark cloud descends on my head and it rains on me
Do you know how much it hurts to try to reason
But have no ground to reason on
You are faceless in my eyes
And l cant take it anymore