Dream World

Written by: norman littleford

All of us have many dreams
too numerous to mention,
could we be living another life
in some unknown dimension.

Suppose that we transcend this life
to a place we have always been,
and upon our return the human brain
must interpret what we have seen.

It maybe my imagination
but after a good nights rest,
shouldn't we be bright and alert
and at least at our very best.

Most people awake in the morning
looking as though they're half dead,
they moan and groan about aches and pains
but they haven't been out of their bed.

If a dream world is there it's forever
a place where time doesn't exist,
where the past and the future combine
in a place we can all co-exist.

Dreams seem as real as anything
we meet people we don't even know,
sometimes we see things happen
in the future or from long ago.

The energy we use while sleeping
is equal to when we're awake,
what makes it more amazing is
we consider this a break.

Science says there is no proof
that sleep keeps the body alive,
the necessity is dreaming
without which we cannot survive.