Text Message Fun Part Two

Written by: Jessica Arteaga

Message Received:

How are you today?

My cellular negotiator displays words from another cellular negotiator,
but not a flip phone like mine.
So much easier is a flip cellular phone.
Like opening a letter without a chance of a paper cut.
But then again, the words displayed could break a heart...

How are you today?
How am I today? 

Well today I could be fine
Today so far was nothing particular or eventful
definitely uneventful to the comparisons of last night
Last night...

Is that what you are referring to I wonder.
Do you remember at all the words that where said between us?
Those words that floated around me and feather tipped my face,
those words that enticed my hands to flinch cause of the thoughts they indicated.

Should I reply?
Reply about last night?
Last night that you only have lint in your mind,
where I have the full wardrobe.

Maybe a question.