Written by: Louise Picek

You don't know what overtook you,
why you fell so hard.
Unable to control the impulse,
keep the carnal at bay.
Her voice seemed so innocent,
her laugh so divine.
She said nothing to make you captive,
but willingly you gave in.

She naively continues on,
doesn't know her own power.
She is beautifully charming,
able to bring out the most basic of men.
She ignores the signs that she's different,
enjoys the unwarranted attention.
Though she never met her prisoners,
she casts them in her spell.

On and on she goes,
lovely to the core,
naturally mysterious,
pulling on another heart string.
Neither know what's going on,
how their chemistry is so explosive.
She unwittingly destroys another soul,
while the other is hypnotized.