Written by: Yoni Dvorkis

""As I lay silent, burden free
I asked the world to join with me

With my tongue planted firmly in my cheek
I offered answers for the poor and meek

Beware the guilt ridden, for theirs is the earthly kingdom
where starved and thirsty creatures come to drink

from a Fountain not of their making,
but will forever be offered them just the same.

I asked my brothers to forgive a harmless illusion
instead it was me the Romans chose to shun.

I asked my brothers to know the one true Boss
instead they strung me high up on this...well you know...

Because I held such a controversial stance
My 'church' made certain nothing was left to chance

They warped my endless love and set my words on fire......""

For this next rhyme, I think I'll go with 'desire'.

Hell no I'm not Jesus, I never said I was.
I'm only pretending I know what he would say, just because

sooner or later his real message has to be heard
I'm just doing my part by spreading the word

Hopefully I got it right but probably not
I'm no visionary, I'm just tired of being a robot

I have no idea what Jesus would say...
I write bad poems since I never learned to pray

I don't know what would Jesus do...
Every time I ask him, all I hear is 'I love you'.