Growing Up

Written by: norman littleford

lead with the right, follow with the left
do this a few times without talking,
then turn around and do it again
and before you know it you're walking.

Once you get used to doing it
you'll find it can be great fun,
practice this for a couple of days
and you will soon be able to run.

This will be just the first step
now you'll be doing this everyday,
your parents will be very proud of you
but sometimes you will get in the way.

The next step for you will be nursery
with some children of your own age,
this will prepare you for going to school
which happens to be the next stage.

At school you will meet new friends
and have lots more time to play,
then you can drive your parents mad
by keep wanting your friends to stay.

Your last school will change your life
gives you memories you'll always recall,
when relationships start to get serious
and you think that you know it all.

Growing up will never be easy
there's always hardships to go through,
but remember whatever you will endure
your parents went throught it all too.