Got Scared

Written by: Alayande Stephen

all relationships get scaring at a curve or a bend
wasn't expecting a scaring curve now
at least not now when she will be away
i listened attentively 2 a frightening narration 4m her
it was that of an opponent that has been in existence
the fella lost out in the race for her heart before
he was a joshua that won't allow a moses to rule
nor a stephen whether stoned or un-stoned
though the story was classified, it was never mentioned
after all, nothing happened between the two
but she had a soft-pause for the joshua 
they last saw in march of the previous year
but on phone they commune ceaselessly&endlessly
it was a tale better not remember, for we are ahead of it now
she is now permanently in my arms 
not to be distracted by a joshua or moses any longer 
but still scared of an inevitable curve on our sojourn

Alayande Stephen T.
27th, June, 2009