Written by: steve meadows

Walking in the forest
Very dark and gloomy
Looking for own personal florist
Meadows of flowers we will see

One for you 
And one for me
You pick blue
I pick green

We see the flower master
Very big and broad
It was a disaster
He was very awed

“Put back the flowers you have chosen”
The florist is a cannibal
The florist will be closin’
He treats us like animals

Leave the florist this very instant
Leaving now we must
Found out the masters name is Winston 
We left him in the dust

We went home empty handed
Back to home we go
We left the master stranded
We take our time and go real slow

We reach the house at last
Dinner is ready
We can’t remember our past
Eating very steady

Broccoli and mashed potatoes
That’s our dinner meal
It’s not very good though
It’s better than a seal