Written by: Aleera Canino

I miss you my little friends, 
 when will I see you again?
Sometimes I wish you were here, 
 other times I hope you never reappear.

Long pink pill,  I take it so that I feel no pain.
 Small blue pill that takes away anxiety, and I feel like I'm walking in the rain.
Round white pill that relaxes my muscles with ease.
 You guys make every day seem like a cool summer breeze.

Until one day, no more Doctor and you're in a haze.
 Your stomach hurts, in pain, and haven't slept for days.
Tired, cranky, throwing up and you feel like you can't take it anymore.
 Hurting so intense, you think you're at Death's door.

When, oh when will I get insurance so a Doctor I can see?
 I'm sick, and fatigued so bad, I don't feel like me.
I have never been addicted to anything, ever at all.
 Seems like my body needs these though, so the clinic I will call.

Addiction and Dependence seem so close to the same thing.
 A thin line between the two, so understanding is the lesson it brings.
I wish my body didn't depend on these strong pills, 
 but they do, so for now I'll have to cross these long, hard, bumpy hills.