Are You Ready?

Written by: Lary Houston

(song poem to the music of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers

Do you know the Father
who loves and forgives us,
sent down His Only Son
to die for you and me?

He's waiting to embrace you
with His goodness, love and mercy
break the chains that bind you
and set your spirit free.

He made this world around us
made us in His image.
All to show His love for you
not caring what you've done.

He wants to bless you daily
send His Loving Holy Spirit
and all He requires of you
is to believe on His Son.

You've got to call on the Father and ask Him to forgive you
dedicate your life to God, believe on His Son.
Ask for the Holy Spirit to come and live within you,
your sins will be forgotten and your new life just begun.
(end chorus)

This old world is getting crazy
you can read it in the paper,
they show it on the t.v.
you can see it every night.

So don't wait until tomorrow
to give your life to Jesus.
For tomorrow might not be here
if you die tonight.

(Repeat Chorus)

Don't let old satan fool you,
don't live your life in darkness.
Open up your heart today
let Jesus come on in.

Then on that glorious morning
when the roll is called up yonder,
your name will be found written
and eternal life you will win.

(Repeat Chorus)